n. the female counterpart of "beefcake" where the instance is overflowing with feminine allure and sexiness.
The Victoria Secret Fashion Show was pure, honest-to-goodness, bib-worthy sweetcake.
by Dr. Colon Feral December 01, 2010
Top Definition
Meaning that something is sweet and cool or nice at the same time. It's like getting a free lunch. Usually used as a response and token of appreciation.

Can be used as a verb: Sweetcaking, having about the same meaning as chilling. Taking it easy.


It doesn't make sense for the native speaker, but it's somewhat influenced by me and my swedish friends native language.
-"You know what, she actually asked for you cell-number?"
-"Oh, sweetcakes!"

-"Look here in the manual, it describes how you configure it."
-"Ah, sweetcakes."

"-Man, I was sweetcaking all day long so I missed the show."

-"What about hang around today, just sweetcaking...?"
by TheNihilist December 12, 2009
The breasts and ass of an attractive women
Dam, look at her sweet cakes!
by SweetyBear January 26, 2011
(Pronounced sveet cakes)
Used to express great delight about a turn of events. Especially used in the case of a reversal of fortunes.
Guy: I thought i was gonna get kicked outta college after my exams, but i did kick ass...Its fuckin' Sweet Cakes man!
by SHUDDUP FOO'! February 21, 2006
Term coined by my aviation teacher to describe a gay date.
Sweet cakes is in Borrego Springs. calculate the time it will take to meet him there.

... according the FAR's, alls you have to do is 3 take offs and landings w/a full stop at night. Then you can throw sweet cakes in the plane.
by ?who cares?? December 04, 2008
a woman (or man)'s breasts
"Man, that ho's got a nice set of sweet-cakes!"
by SirPschoSexy (Ben) April 28, 2006
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