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1. used to describe typically a good situation

2. used to emphasize a suprised reaction
1. "Ok you guys can leave work early!"
"sweet nuggets, work is doom today."

by kandu17s May 10, 2007
Something that is wonderful, cool, awesome, etc.
That was so sweetnuggets when I won that award last week.


That beautiful woman wants me to go over to her place.
And your bro says,
"No way -- That's sweetnuggets!"
by Shay G February 12, 2010
1.An exclamation of joy

2. A friend
Example 1:
Guy 1: "Hey man, I just won the lottery and guess what? I'm buying you a roller coaster and 17 hookers."

Guy 2: "Sweet nuggets!"

Example 2:
"Hey sweet nugget, what's up?"
by Non-Affiliate December 10, 2009
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