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Swedish Warmblood is a horse breed that has been developing during >400 years. 1661 Flyinge started breeding horses for war, riding and simply improving the horses. Thoroughbreds and arabians were mixed with the swedish horses (kind of compact horses).

The Swedish warmblood is closely related to the Dutch, German, Polish and Danish warmbloods, since we have been importing stallions for about 70 years. Before the importing began, there were more difference between the countries' specialities.

Horses may be found in the, which is an index of all registered swedish warmbloods, as well as some more stallions.
Gaspari 340 (-49)-, Urbino 430 (-62) and Utrillo 432 (-62) are old stallions that have been a great foundation for the swedish warmblood's further development.
by AwesomeSwedishPerson December 31, 2011

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