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1) A term that is used to describe what happens when one mixes seedy 80's porn and badly cut cocaine. The effects can be volatile, ranging from (but not limited to) dramatic loss of time, unquenchable dry mouth, rash, rugburn, and suddenly finding one's self at a local grocery nude and surrounded by onlookers/police officers. Dramatic, indeed.

2) Used loosely to describe a day which feels a lot like the above definition.

3) The aftermath of a vicious blackout or bender.
1) "I got stuck in a Swedish Snowstorm yesterday. Dramatic!"

2) "I'm reporting to a new boss, I have to change schools, and it looks like I won't be going to the Netherlands afterall. Man, today was a real Swedish Snowstorm."

3) "This is the third Swedish Snowstorm for Jenny in a month. I think it might be time for an intervention."
by [davidtomaloff] February 03, 2010

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