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The couple will now follow the final sequence to "Swedish Friday on the Rocks". The female will now gather snorkeling gear, mainly a scuba-diving mask, and wear them as accessories to this sequence. The female must now play the role of rubbing herself in a gallon of horseradish flavored ice cream. If the couple is following "Texan style", they may use wasabi pea dust flavored ice cream. You may find these flavors on the internet. Now, the male will now force himself to vomit down the breathing tube of the scuba mask. Now that the vomit is flowing around inside the scuba mask, the male will scream at the top of his lungs "Here comes the poo-poo train", followed by defecating his feces into the breathing tube of the scuba mask. Finally, the female will perform a handstand with her body completely upside-down; most of the populace name this "Bikini Bottom". Use assistance if needed. We highly suggest using protection for "Swedish Friday on the Rocks", unless the couple wishes for pregnancy.
I heard my parents once did Swedish Friday on the Rocks final part.
by Ballz to the Wallz July 11, 2014
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