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A requirement of all Cross Country teams, Sweater Vest Friday is when all the male members of a Cross Country (abbreviated XC) team must dress in their most hideous sweater vests (normally with argile and/or plaid patterns, with un-matching shorts) and subsequently take a group photo after school before practice which will then be placed
on Facebook with the entire team tagged with their vests on. The female members of the team ARE permitted to be in the photo, but are denied the right to wear a sweater vest, and must instead wear their nicest dress/skirt.

Sweater Vest Friday normally occurs on the Friday before the first invitational (XC Meet) of the season. If someone forgets their sweater vest or chooses not to wear it, they will be considered outcasts and will be made fun of, or called the name Noodle/Fisty or N*****.
Daniel: "I can't wait to dress up in my sweater vest and take a picture with all the hot XC girls/guys so people can know how cool our team is!!!"

Chris: "Fuck yea, I love sweater vest friday. Let's all twenty of us guys get in my car and rock out to some music even though there are only five seats!"

Dylan: "Noodle, N*****, Where the fuck are your sweater vests!?!"

Noodle: "I forgot"

N*****:"Sweater vests are for queers!"

Jason: "Go get the water you freshman!!!"

by AnnoyedXbox360Guy September 05, 2011
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