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1) A term generally utilized in the Southern United States describing the act of defecation in a hot, air-condition free, and generally uncomfortable facility whereas the act of defecating (or taking a duke) instantaneously produces a sheen of sweat making the wiping of one's posterior a slippery, sweaty and colossally unnerving undertaking; 2) Any uncomfortable situation producing the psychological effect of actually having to perform the aforementioned duking; 3) A general colloquialism amongst close friends where a need to duke immediately and violently becomes apparent and must be vocalized in explication of a speedy egress from the group; 4) A verbal recognition of affirmation to a close friend for having to complete a reprehensible and unpleasant task.
Sorry I was late, I had to hit the outhouse for a mighty Sweat Duke before I came to the BBQ.

Having to tell that woman I ran over her chincilla with the brush-hog was a real Sweat Duke.

Ah, Man! Gotta go -Sweat Duke time! <--*in response* Poor Billy, I hope he is okay...Be strong soldier. Be strong.
by silverback487 November 23, 2011
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