That long, wet, and loud sounding fart that usually finds it's way out during an important meeting or something.
Well, our stats for the third quarter have brought on a new - *swazzle* ... um... excuse me... sorry. *cough cough* um. have brought a new record in sales for the west side.
by McHobbes July 21, 2006
Top Definition
A phenomenon that happens among people who simultaneously think of the same thing at the same time without a significant prior indicator, similar to being on the same "Brainwave".
As the bowl became cashed, we needed an RPT to clean it out. Without saying anything, everyone swazzled, and started to look for a RPT.
by Bindi the Jungle Girl May 08, 2011
When You have sweaty ass and balls
I was waiting in line at Cedar Point on a hot day. And I went to my friend " Man I got the swazzles
by Cory Double C September 08, 2008
noun: to take a small sip or drink.
Let me get a swazzle off your beer before I talk to these girls.

I need to grab a swazzle from the water fountain before our meeting with the Bob's.
by 20seven April 18, 2011
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