Short version of "That's the way", sounds like it a bit if said properly.
Bob: I finally got laid last night
Bill: S'way my son!
by stoker25x January 11, 2011
Cool, but in a weird way.
South Park is uber sway.
by griff January 13, 2005
Means to have class and style it's more of a preppy look then a urban swag.
Ohh you got some new gucci and versace today? I'm feeling ya sway forreal
by Young L.D.B October 29, 2010
sweaty + gay = Sway
sweaty gay guy
david is a Sway
by you know who id be September 11, 2008
What a preppy douche bag says when he thinks something is cool.
Guy 1: Dude, that movie was so sway.
Guy 2: You are such a fag.
by ChrisS21 October 04, 2007
A song by Coal Chamber. It's cool.
the roof the roof the roof is on fire
we don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
burn motherfucker burn

burn, burn, burn, burn

just a little and nothing now it's over
just a little and nothing now it's over
what you said, no,
you're never gonna say again
in your own special way you tear me down

sway - so hypnotic

neither up nor down,
just been turned and turned
it just sits inside so it burns and burns
if i can't decide what makes you hurt
in your own special way you tear me down

so ask me please, please

give me something good, now
give me something good, now
give me

come sway this way
by Manga (Keelan) July 18, 2006

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