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Sweet and Awesome. Norcalian.
Dude, this game is swawesome.
by fwnt March 01, 2005
16 4
it means (super awesome) but combioned swawesome.Its for when you need something more than awesome.
girl 1: omg! this dress is 50% off!

girl 2: thats swawesome
by pheeb101 November 13, 2011
4 1
The definition of someone who is so awesome, you have to compress it into one word. This person is usually a girl. Is absolutely awesome.... makes all the guys get nervous when she's around.... but she is also a bro.
MAN! liz is swawesome! I love her swawesomness
by yeah yeah son March 17, 2010
2 4
To be strange, wierd but awsome at the same time
Licking that hallucinogenic frog was completely Swawesome!
by Tayler06 February 23, 2009
1 5