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1. Creating a buzz about a topic and claiming victory no matter the outcome.

2. Something you come up with after being in college for like 20 years and never getting a degree.

3. An old guy that goes to college to try to pick up on college boys.

A-Area - Lightning struck my house and destroyed my laptop.

B-Area - Swarm Theory is on the move again....
by Gut Ted Pig November 11, 2008
1. a useless thing.
2. what to call something when it never seems to work out.
3. an imaginary thing to invoke when you feel helpless and "confoozed".
4. imaginary friends or delusions that people can stand to be around you (even on the internet).
5. a pointless thing
(a-area51) Lightning struck my house last night and my laptop was damaged.

(b-area51) Swarm Theory is on the move again…
by Gut Ted Pig October 24, 2008
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