Like motorboating but when you boat in the swamp you encounter mud.
Where one motorboats a ladies breasts, one would swampboat her butt cheeks.
by Smugs McBenzie August 13, 2008
Top Definition
A variation of the motorboating of the breasts. This involvles sticking ones face and mouth into anothers butthole and doing the motorboat maneuver.
Last night she wanted me to motorboat her, but I told her let's do something more adventurous. Sit on my face baby, we're gonna swampboat.
by jdizzleut January 07, 2011
When you motor boat a transvestite with a hairy chest.
I was wiff my tranny girlfriend, Enriqua Suave. I told her/him to take out her boobs so I could wrap my face like a burrito. But all I got was a boca full of hair. I wanted a motor boat, not a swamp boat. Ay yai yai!!!
by Oliver Klothesof October 01, 2010
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