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I very ugly female that is not fat but her body is in shambles, aswell as her face and teeth.
I almost puked when this swamp donkey came up to me in taco bell and asked for some money.
by James Rozell August 09, 2008
a word used for a very fugly woman very fugly
she is a real swamp donkey, how could you! what were your motives?
by halloran May 14, 2008
A fat fugly chick who stalks drunk, weak, and/or insecure men and and takes advantage of them sexually.
That damn swamp donkey is fucking the WTs again!
by Rayth March 20, 2008
a particularly ugly female.
the origin is unclear, but is a popular term among ex-pat South Africans.
'Did you have a big night out?'
'Crazy. I woke up next to a swamp donkey.'
by keralite December 09, 2007
A fat bitch that is so chubby around her vaginal area that you have to throw flour on her to find the wet spot.
Yo mama.
by northsideboys October 23, 2003
a person of particularly distasteful proportions or features.
The club was full of swamp donkeys
by daftboy June 18, 2003
Fat chicks that hang out in Country Western Bars
Heee Haaa....check out the Swamp Donkeys line dancing.
by Swampdonkeyslayer May 08, 2003