a dirty slut whose vagina is swampy, and reeks like a donkeys ass
I went to a party but my time was cut short, after a swamp donkey approached me asking for sex.
by Mr.rambow October 04, 2009
a skank; a girl who doesn't take good care of her self.
Man that girl is nuthin' but a swamp donkey. Look at that nasty ass, she stanks.
by Bran- don Dada June 28, 2009
A girl who has no redeemable qualities. At all. Nothing about her is attractive.
Damn, that girl isn't even a butterface...she a swamp donkey!
by Riles1806 February 24, 2009
In the summer when its hot and your ass is wet from sweating you place it on someones face while they are sleeping or passed out.
Its 90 degrees out your sweating and your sleeping friend whom pissed you off earlier is about to wake up to the rank smell of ass after you give him a Swamp Donkey
by Cornealious Baxter February 27, 2008
a particularly ugly female.
the origin is unclear, but is a popular term among ex-pat South Africans.
'Did you have a big night out?'
'Crazy. I woke up next to a swamp donkey.'
by keralite December 09, 2007
A word refering to someone with an abnormally large penis, can be a pet name, often used refering to a man hung like a smokehouse
Damn Bradley is such a swamp donkey, his cock is huge!
by Bradley Wier November 02, 2007
An unusually and abnormally unattractive person of the opposite sex.

Dude, that chick was a Swamp Donkey.
by phillip bond July 22, 2006

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