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The deep groove of the band Mississippi Stranglers that can be so emotionally organic, so tribal, and so thick that it is simply referred to as Swamp Junk.
"Boy, them Mississippi Stranglers sure laid the swamp junk on thick last night!" - Finn

"Yeah, good thing I brought my waders. What a great show!" - Pigpen
by Mississippi Stranglers July 06, 2010
Results from the excretion of fluid from merocrine glands at or near the male genitalia creating a pungent odor smelt by many.
After working for nine hours chopping down trees, Matt grew victim to swamp junk.
by Trotski May 29, 2008
The condensation that occurs when the swamp ass makes a magical journey over the fleshy fun bridge to the genital region
After i finished engaging in a marathon of a sexual encounter, i could feel the sweat from my swamp ass dribbling down my fleshy fun bridge and condesating into a severe case of swamp junk.
by Jitty Titty June 09, 2006
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