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A Swamp Chicken is a very special kind of girl. They usually have bleached blond hair, shop at Walmart in fuzzy slippers and say "hell yea" in an Arkansas accent at least five times a day. Swamp Chickens can be attractive but their white trash appearance makes them hard to look at. Most Swamp Chickens have kids and live in a trailer park. Swamp Chickens are almost always the girl standing next to a fist fight yelling "kick his ass Jimmy Ray!". A classic example of a Swamp Chicken in pop culture would be Luanne Platter from King of the Hill.
I tried to hit on this Swamp Chicken at McDonalds today but her five kids kept yelling too loud.
by sleezypmartini June 02, 2014
Dirty cafeteria chicken covered in a brown and green sauce.
Rod: What's for lunch today bro?

Tod: swamp chicken! mmm yeah

Rod: Dude that shit is dirty
by Wigger and Chigger December 06, 2010
A white girl that primarily dates or has sex with black males and never white men.
Man 1: That girl likes will smith but not johnny depp

Man 2: shes a damn swamp chicken man wht'd you expect.
by Fez Nacho March 15, 2011
shannon paine, sally ross, katie sorenson
the swamp chickens are giving out free handjobs again. damn they are swampy.
by tom cut May 11, 2008

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