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Any individual whose character is noticeably flawed by "swag". (a personality defect which entices the carrier to act in any manner one would find irritating and irrational) Their state of swagger brings out an irrational sense of superiority and power, usually resulting in the individual pursuing a lesser quality of living.

Identifying features include: hats worn improperly, a jacket worn in inappropriate weather, jeans sagging below the waistline, an awkward gait in their stride, a posse of slutty women, and beginning most sentences with bro, dude, yo, or hey.
1. The swagosaurus was seen walking down the street with his cap on backwards murmuring drunken whispers underneath his noxious breath.

2. John: "Yo swagling, viswagra, swagaholic, swaggetti, swagosaurus, swaglet-"

Anonymous: "dude... What?"

John: "shoes are untied... So is your belt"
by Ink-lyosaurus August 28, 2013
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Verb Someone who has to much swag, that they become a dinosaur that is know as a swag-o-saurus.
Damn girl like at that kid, look at all that swag he has.
Girl that is what you call a Swag-o-saurus.

It's like the red power ranger Swag

It takes your average Swag and ups it by 10x and that is what makes a swag-o-saurus.
by Swag-o-saurus November 22, 2011
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