no style
sam:look at what kelly is wearing.

nick: dude i know she is swagless.
by boomsheka2 April 21, 2009
Top Definition
A individual who believes they have 'swag' nevertheless they have no swag and are therefore swagless
Jon: wow look at those two young hipsters over there.
Pete: they are truly indeed swagless
by Mr BigG November 26, 2013
The act of having no swag

To be lame, a loser or have no friends
Hannah is swagless

Bruce is a cool dude, therefore he is not swagless
by moonwalker0000 April 21, 2011
a douche bag
Person 1: yo you got a black n mild
Person 2: nah i don't smoke black n milds those are for fags
Person 1: haha yeah just fucking with you
Dylan Levitt: I have a black n mild
Person 1: wow swagless nigga
Person 2: yeah fuckinn sir stunts a lot
by james2352454346134 May 26, 2009
One who carries or has no swag, or basically is lame
Damn boy your so swagless.
by mr.swagg3.0 April 19, 2009
a person who has no ounce of swag within their being. totally devoid of any swag.
hey you know that arnie kid? his totally swagless!
unlike rufaro
by swaggiest September 22, 2011
of or possessing no dollar-sign WAG, incurable...unfortunate
Ryan: Pat, I hear that girl Kelly is swagless
Pat: I know Ryan, damn shame, damn shame.
by DarkpplSteal February 28, 2011
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