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The sheer awesomeness that one feels when having swagger and attitude, usually after earning swagbucks or fucking chicks
Tom - "Wow Jen, my giftcard from swagbucks is finally here!"
Jen - "Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhh your swagitude is sooooo nice"
by christos echrachium November 12, 2009
8 16
n., the certainty that you have more of what it takes than anybody else alive; the awareness that you are a turn-on to anyone of any gender or any age.
Swagitude was embodied by Michael Jackson.

Only a handful of people in history can lay claim to real
by SunsetDriver October 24, 2012
488 17
The amount of swag a person feels at a given time.
Juan had a bad swagitude today because he got punch in the face by his mom.
by poo poo poo poo poo doodoo January 08, 2012
14 8
Swag Wit An Attitude
Fuol is mean but he is fly. Check out his swagitude!!!!!
by Christopher V March 21, 2008
7 21