Swagger Jagger is an "ironic" phrase used by people who look like drowned sewer rats on benefits. The definition of the word derives from "Swagger Jacker" which means to steal or copy ones swagger. The irony of that is the phrase was invented/misinterpreted by a tramp like skag whore for a release of a song in 2011 to which the music video stars Cheryl Cole miming the lyrics... Oh sorry that is Cher Lloyd... well there lies the irony as to me they are the same person and have the same affect of offending peoples eyes and making ears bleed!! So therefore Cher Lloyd is a hypocrite and is what she sings!!
Cher "the rat" Lloyd - "Chez... I want your hair, make up, tacky dress sense from 2003, those earrings, your millions, ashley coles dick, your leftovers, your slight bit of talent, simon cowells love and admiration, STD's, that whiny geordie accent of yours, malaria and basically everything about you to make me you"

Cheryl Cole/Tweedy/Cole - "Now then pet, Swagger Jagger, get your game on, get some of your own"
by Archie84 August 18, 2011
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Swagger Jagger.

A shit, pointless song with stupid lyrics made by Cher Lloyd
Me: You heard that song Swagger Jagger?
You: Yeah, it's fucking shit.
by BeZeee July 03, 2011
A word used to describe the act of a prostitute receiving triple penetration during group sex. Common phrase used in Gypsy/Traveler culture.
Swagger jagger, swagger jagger
You should get some of your own
Count that money, get your game on
Get your game on, get ya, get ya, game on
by Cher L July 03, 2011
A miss interpretation/ Miss hearing of "Swagger Jacker".

Commonly misheard by uneducated, illiterate teenagers, who think they are "Gangstar as F***".

The term is infact Swagger JACKER: Someone who "Jacks" your look, style, sound etc... Taking it and passing it of as their own look/Material/ Shit, Etc....

If they spent more time listening and less time chatting shit they might manage to look a bit more "in" and less like the wet drip that they truly are.

Cher Lloyd hs produced a terrible CD using the miss interpretation "Swagger Jagger" Thus making her both a national laughing stock and an embarrassment to this country.
MISS INTERPRETATION: "Hnnnggggg, huh huh. check u owt lookina me cos im sumfink u wansa be me u is a pure swagger Jagger. get ya own shit".

"Help! Help! Someone call the police. Someone has HighJACKED my swagger and I would like it back with immediate effect. It still had all my best bling on it and my only limp".

"Excuse me officer, that young man over the street looks to be scoping to jack someone else's swagger and I believe him to be a professional swagger Jacker. Please look into it further as I have been practising my swagger for many years and wish to keep it in the family".
by Miss Poppins UK July 01, 2011
a song created by Cher Lloyd (a stupid dumb bitch that think she's Cheryl Cole) this song is pointless and is the most fucking ridiculous song i have ever heard in my life, i would rather listen to the man off the Go Compare advert!!
Sarah: Have you heard that new song Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd?

Kate: Yes i have and its the biggest pile of shit i have ever heard!!!
by i hate cher lloyd July 13, 2011
Cher Lloyds idiot version of the phrase 'swagger jacker' means to steal someone's swagger because you don't have any swagger yourself
*KMT* fuckin' swagger jagger!
by rudegril July 05, 2011
The STD you get if you bang a chav. Results in painful screeching sounds from the inflicted person.
Matt went out with Kelly, who has a notorious rep as a chav, last night. The next day he was screaming so badly that the neighbourhood complained repeatedly. He has Swagger Jagger
by Skittles_Whore July 20, 2011
The stupid made up phrase by Cher Lloyd in her ridiculous song about all her haters. Swagger Jagger is a person who 'cramps' your style - type of hating.

Included in the stupid song all about how she isnt bothered by all her haters although, clearly she is bothered enough by them to make a song entirely about them and how they are 'swagger jaggers'.
Cher Lloyd -

'You can't stop looking me, staring at me
Be what I be, you can't stop looking at me
So get off of my face,
You can't stop clickin 'bout me
Writin' 'bout me, tweeting 'bout me,
I can't stop, it's what I gon' be,
My swagger's in check

Get on the floor, get, get, get on the floor
My swagger's in check
Get on the floor, get, get, get on the floor
I got in check'

Swagger jagger, swagger jagger
You should get some of your own
Count that money, get your game on
You're a hater, just let it go

Swagger jagger, swagger jagger
You should get some of your own
Count that money, get your game on
Get your game on, get your game on

Me - *ears cry blood*
by SwaggerJagger July 02, 2011
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