One who uses the term "swag" too often to compensate for a lack of genitals of any sort.
Cindy: How did your date with matt go?
Sally: Oh, you know, he was a Swaggasaurus Rex
Cindy: Oh, it was that bad....?
by swaghater November 15, 2011
Top Definition
Tyrannosaurus Rex proportion level of swagger. Kingly swagger so abundant that it drips like Soul Glo.
Girl 1: Who's that?
Girl 2: Girl that's Will. He's such a swaggasaurus rex!
by Freeloading Will August 08, 2009
1. The king of all swagger.

2. Swagger so high and mighty, only he/she can be compared to a king or royalty.
Guy - Man! There's so many hot females in this place. I'm leaving.

Friend - Wth! Why?

Guy - Our swag is useless out here. There's a swaggasaurus rex over there.
by pseudonimity August 20, 2009
1) A god of swag.

2) Someone with enough swag to match the great strength of the tyrannosaurus rex.
Guy 1: Dude, I think we're the most swaggalicious ones here!

Guy 2: We would be, if it wasn't for that swaggasaurus rex over there.
by $wagg 88 November 23, 2011
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