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A person who steals someone elses swagger or style, ideas, jokes, or flow.
50 Cent is a swagga jacka because he steals Tupac's rhymes.
by Hollywood17 August 02, 2007
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to steal or "jack" one's "swagga" or own unique style or personality that makes them hotter than your boring ass. Often occurs when one is jealous of a much sexier, popular, loved, fun & entertaining individual.
You design an original thing thats all your own & expresses part of who you are. Someone jacks that, claims it is theirs, & looks like a dumbass swagga jacka cause everyone knows it was yours first.

aka: You can jock my shit, but u can't rock my shit.
by HOTTER_than_YOU February 08, 2009
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One who steals other's swagger.
Mitchel is wearing the same band shirt as me, He's such a swaggajacka.
by Kfostuhlala July 09, 2009
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