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Swagg Wanna Beis a title given to someone who goes around and says all day that they have such a high amount or Swagg or "Swagg level". Although in reality that person has no Swagg because he/she is a "wanna be" of Swagg. a Swagg wanna be, has absolutely no Swag. This person is also not Jacked, and gets no women.
Wanna be says: Try to reach my Swagg level!

Response: You have no Swagg you Swagg wanna be.

Wanna be says: I'm so jacked! Too jacked for this room!

Response2: Yeah, you are not jacked, you are not Jacked Frost.

Wanna be says: Try to reach my level, but you can't it's just too high

Response3: Yeah we can't get that high on the Fagometer, I'll give you that one.
by GI-Jacked January 29, 2011
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