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Describing something that is amazingly kick ass; here are the symptoms of seeing something that is Swagalicuos.

Painful tension in neck




Visual disturbances / loss of vision / spots in vision / double vision / seeing spots or "halos" / nystagmus

Tingling / numbness in the extremeties

General imbalance / clumsiness

Memory loss

Restricted movement

Intolerance to bright light / difficulty adjusting to light change

Vertigo from position change or sudden standing

Difficulty walking on uneven ground / feeling ground under feet

Poor / degraded motor skills

Difficulty driving

Difficulty negotiating steps

Pressure / pain in the neck

Pressure / pain behind the eyes (soreness in the eyeballs)

Back pain

Neck spasms


Ringing in ears (like the tone heard in a hearing test)

Hiccups associated with drinking carbonated beverages
Bob1: Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob2: What's up bob?

Bob1: I saw a swagalicuos (SWAG-A-LISH-USS) pastry!!!!!
by LemonKing August 19, 2011