When a person is wearing an amazing outfit and when you look at them you can tell they have swag!
Love your shirt it's so swagalicious, just look at you! Do you honey, just do you!
by AMIZZEL September 17, 2011
Top Definition
Someone or something with lots of swagga.
-Damnn, look at that girl's new kicks !
-She is soo freshh, she's SWAGALICIOUS !
by krys31793 July 21, 2008
Someone who has a lot of swag. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style, and demeanor.
"Mmmm that boy is swagalicious..."
by Hood Honda June 17, 2009
Someone who sucks dick on the weekend and jerks them off all week long
Cowboy- All these guys wanna be like "I'm fucking swagalicious I'm from Paris, Arkansan"

Guy friend- so what's the definition of swagalicious?

Cowboy- swagalicious, "oh well I suck dick on the weekends and fucking jerk them off all week long."

~ anonymous Cowboy
by Bootylicious21 November 09, 2014
the state of having swag (adj)
Tom: Look at that kid, he definitely brought his swag

John: Yeah he is swagalicious
by da swagmaster April 04, 2010
more than swagarific
bruh yo J's are so frickin swagalicious
by bree March 15, 2015
Swag - which is an overly used word that would be cool if our generation didn't have to jump onto everything (example: YOLO) - mixed with 'alicious' to make the word Swagalicous. It's fun to say so shut the fuck up.
Person 1: Oh look at that guy over there
Person 2: Mmmm he's swagalicious.
by jalexnix January 19, 2012
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