It's the opposite of swag. It means he's got no steeze or style.
He's got a serious swaglag!
by KHDT October 06, 2010
Top Definition
1.Behind on the CURRENT hype
2.Second wave of audience aka the people who make things over played and mainstreamed or in general not up to date
3.Could also be used to describe as swag jack
1. Man dude that guy is on swag lag, he still rockin that baggy shit.
2. Jay - So what you been listenin to
Alex- just some of that NEW kid cudi, y'know day n nite
Jay- that song has been out for so long, only think thats new cuz the bumpin it on the radio
3. John- Ay kevin, you know that one dude over there?
Kevin- yeah what about him?
John- I swear he is on some swag lag, he is doin everything we did....2 months ago...
Kevin- Fail?
John- True
by somedude4152 July 21, 2009
Swag lag is when someone is still wearing what was swag 6 months ago but isn't any longer.
Damn, look at that dude over there with the snapback hat. That's some serious swag lag.
by #gotswag October 06, 2011
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