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a contageous virus that spreads game, confidence, and swagger among a population of individuals..

possible side effects: haters.
Yo' boy is sick w/ that swag flu.
by Patrick_41 May 21, 2009
A pandemic that recently morphed from the H1N1 virus. Symptoms of swag flu include:

Spending copious amounts of money on jewelry.

Ordering expensive drinks consisting of Hennessy and other cognacs.

Driving cars that you cannot afford.

Disrespecting women.

There is no cure for swag flu.
I can't come into work today because I've got the swag flu. Also, I just leased a new E-Class that I have no way of paying off.
by Dr. David Hutchinson September 25, 2009
Getting money and bitches in da club. Spreading your swag. Getting blown(More than one way). It can be very contagious so wear a face mask.
YO Mane Benni gots so much swag flu all the chicks just hop on his dick.
by Hoodtrap123 June 30, 2010