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The most pimpenest and illest g-thang. Walks with so much confidence you'll be scared of him. You'll think he's a SWAG MONSTER!
A: Yo! Did you see that McLuvin kid chillin with the cops?

B: Yah! he was a total swag monster!
by Biak September 23, 2011
a person, usually a man, who is scary in the aspect that he has so much swag. he is overpowering in the aspect of that he is a true jerk, a true man, and typically a guy who is way too arrogant, but backs it up with whatever he can.
Oh yeah, I hear he's a real swagmonster.
by swagmonsterJ June 29, 2010
A person who steals your swag(copies you).
Girl 1: What the hell, I was wearing that shirt yesterday...
Girl 2: I know, what a swag monster.
by swagless November 11, 2010
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