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When you are about to receive head from three extremely atrractive girls but remain unable to get an erection. It is extremely embarassing and may lead to questions about your sexuality. You nickname must be Swag for it to be a true Swag Job.
Vj: "Dude i heard he couldnt get hard for julia when she tried to pipe him"
L-Dub : "Son it was Julia, Gabby, AND Anita that were gonna pipe him."
Vj : "You mean he couldnt get hard for three girls about to pipe him?!"
L-Dub "Yeahhhhh son!"
Vj : "Wow he totaly got a Swag Job"
by Vj and L-Dub July 16, 2008
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Where a monstrous veiny penis is forcefully thrust into a face. The victim knowing this is their chance on sucking on Swag commences on the best blow job they have or will ever give.
Dave has been swagjobbed three times this week already.
Mr. swag really has it in for this nigger.
by nitrosage October 01, 2011
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