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Generally someone of weak intestinal fortitude, who sits on an overstuffed armchair in their front yard while drinking ice cold beers. Often overcome with the urge to urinate in the neighbor's mailbox.

Do not make the mistake of thinking all Sutphins are harmless, as they sometimes spontaneously bite whoever is in the closest vacinity and makes eye contact.
Billy: Want to go to the candy store?

Jimmy: Sure, let's cut through the alley
(starts walking down the alley. They make it halfway before they see a man with his beer gut hanging out, pissing in a mailbox.)

Billy: WHAT IS THAT!?!?

Jimmy: Shh!! No sudden movements. It's like a lion...if you don't look it in the eyes, it won't attack.

Billy: Arggghhhh....SUTPHIN!!!!!!
by atiffm February 21, 2012
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