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A conservative think tank in Salt Lake City dedicated to adding value to Utah by promoting Full Quiver Theology (FQT).

FQT encourages heterosexual parents to fill their quivers with many children. A standard quiver holds six children, but a seventh child can inserted if the other six are packed efficiently. A modular TurboQuiver allows parents to expand standard quivers to hold even larger numbers of children.

FQT envisions men building their own homes instead of relying on licensed contractors or renting facilities from others, especially homos.

FQT celebrates men, possessors of the fundamental unit of society, being married to women and vice versa.

Cities are envisioned to be nurturers of natural families. Unnatural, synthetic and artificial families (ie homos) will be resettled in the unincorporated county.

Large families are prefered, but since family size depends on age of the female, allowances are made for young homemakers. Schedule (FQT-1040EZ) outlines the acceptable child-bearing schedule and is available at the Institute's website.

Protection of the natural family is the first responsibility of local government. If, after protecting natural families, resources are left over and if government has the time and inclination, unnatural families may also receive protection, but this is optional.
Some people think the Sutherland Institute is pretentious.
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