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(also "Sustainerati") A category of persons who, often unwittingly, undermine their own cause - either sustainability or any other - by "turning off" people in one or more of the following ways:

- Treating others in a condescending and/or judgmental manner, or
- Demonstrating and/or promoting an attitude that small incremental efforts are not worth applauding, or
- Setting/promoting standards that are seem highly challenging or unattainable, or
- Behaving in some other manner that potential cause supporters don't want to be associated with

Sustaineratti are often the most ardent and energetic supporters of their cause. Thus, education and rehabilitation of sustaineratti can prospectively have a significant positive impact upon the cause.
Joe rode his bicycle to work for the first time today. As he entered work wearing his bike helmet one of his co-workers, Elmo, who was clearly a member of the sustaineratti, sneered "Good for you. I ride to work 5 days per week, rain or shine. And my bicycle is locally hand made by an environmentally conscious artisan, not in China by a big wasteful corporation.".
by Junipero Diaz September 17, 2014

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