the southern-most county in delaware. easily the most thuggish, the eastern seaboard is famous for its summertime nightlife, if your a chick, u may even want to check this place out
yo, sussex county niggas is raw
by john a wingley February 16, 2005
Top Definition
Minty county in southern England home to rockin towns like Brighton... and Bexhill and Hastings, woohaa!

Also, Sussex girl / Sussex boy = hot, likes to think they're left wing and are probably a bit posh. Well spoken, nice hair, reads Kerouac or Kafka.
Londoner: Yes when we're done with our careers we're going to buy a little cottage in Sussex so that the nibblers can run around without getting spiked by the rusty springs of broken mattresses anymore.
by charva April 10, 2005
A small town in NSW, Australia where inbred's live
Same as Wandandian
Poeple in who live in Sussex are inbreds, theres no denying
"Mitchel you sussex inbred"
by vinie high March 24, 2006
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