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The suspension bridge effect happens when a person crosses a suspension bridge and he sees someone of the opposite sex. his fear of falling down causes his heart to pound. He then mistakes that for the heart-pounding feeling felt when falling in love with the opposite sex.

In short, when the other party is in a state of fright and he see you, he will fall in love with you.

Psychologically it would work, but probably not in practice
Joyce: Scooter, I love you!

Scooter: Stop shaking the bridge

Joyce: be careful, your gonna fall. your gonna fall!

Ramantha: You know, The "suspension bridge effect" really works! i tried it last time.

Hanna: Yeah! I've heard about that! Thats the way to go about confessing right?

Ramantha: Sure is! How do you think i got Moe to start going out with me?

by Kinsey Sheppard September 06, 2008

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