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The fat around an Asian girls waist.
Damn, Kerry-Lee has put on some weight. Look at her sushi rolls.
by Judge Joey February 16, 2010
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a female version of a tea bag where she puts her vag and rolls it on the guy's face
I tea bagged my girlfriend and she got mad then sushi rolled me!
by Senor Dorito July 29, 2010
Part of "the game" or "penis showing game". Involves a man to isolate his testicles followed by wrapping them up with his penis, resembling a sushi roll.
Bro 1: hey man did you see these new sweatpants?
Bro 2: AHHH, the sushi roll
Bro 1: That's two kicks you queer
by Jessica Geigerski December 07, 2010
1. Delectable food originating in Japan.

2. Sex act where the male fills the females vagina with cum (see creampie) and then proceeds to eat his own cum out of her vagina. After he has licked her clean he proceeds to finger her and give her the clit flick with his tongue until she has another orgasm.
Damn, that sushi roll I just ate was amazing.
by TootsiePopP March 12, 2015
when you and your man are in bed and when you wake up he is gone and you are covered in seaweedsheets and smell like dead fish from your discharge.
Girl i was in bed with my man and when i woke up i was a Sushi Roll
by mydickbroke!ouch December 31, 2008
When a white person and an Asian person fuck in a sleeping bag with soy sauce lube and possibly on a rice paddy.
When I was in a Vietnam I sushi rolled that chick.
by Jerbearplumdrink September 05, 2013
When a guy's dick is wrapped in seaweed and rice like a sushi roll and is then "steamed" by having sex in a hot tub.
Tim: I'm really in the mood for a California Roll.
Joe: Yeah? Well I'm really in the mood to Sushi Roll your mom.
by SushiRollinForLife July 03, 2010

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