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When 5 or more guys stand around a girl and fart in her face while she masturbates, or 5 girls queef while a man masturbates. This also applies to guy on guy and girl on girl action.
I was in the middle of a surround sound last night and when the last guy farted I came so hard.
by Kinko's September 30, 2010
1. A facetious term used in relation to a grand national knob jockey or more specifically a collection said jockeys.
2. When in the company of a grate bunch a lads one can say they are surrounded by soundness.
1. Hank: Your man is Rale Sound ha Harry?
Harry: Ah sthop he's Surround Sound.

2. Hank: There's a grate bunch a lads in here, eh?
Harry: Ara shtop would ya Hankeen, tis Surround Sound.
by Horsebox February 19, 2007
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