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Has the same concept as surround sound and basically gives you the effect of actually being there part-taking in actual sex. This requires three (3) or more beds in one room arranged either horizontally or vertically. Surround sex can only be achieved when both roommates in the outer beds are having sex but the one (or more then one) roommate in the middle isn't having sex. Hence the effect of surround sex as he is both surrounded by the sound in at least stereo and the creaking of beds so it gives the impression to the one roommate experiencing this surround sex, that he/she is actually having sex but sadly they are not.

Optional and creepy: The one roommate in the middle not having sex can masturbate to make his surround sex experience more realistic.
Lets say your roommates name is Mike.

"Hey Mike how was that surround sex last night?"

"Oh it was great even though it keep me up all night the surround feeling of Surround Sex made it seem close to real and masturbating only made it better. It was a win win situation for everyone in my opinion."

"Sure. creepy... glad you don't mind though"
by sex machine1447 March 07, 2010
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