The act of being sexually aroused by something that you would not have expected to arouse you.
"So then she showed me the whip she keeps in her closet and it turned me on. It was weird, I never really thought of that stuff as hot."
"Sounds like you got pretty surproused"
by Valkur90 November 02, 2013
Top Definition
When you are surprised to become aroused by something (most likely something rather unusual)
Philip was surproused when he saw an old lady trip over the curb.
by bassbassbass September 10, 2009
1. The feeling of surprise, mixed with that of arousal.

2. Being surprised at the fact that you're aroused; to be aroused at something that you wouldn't expect.
1. When you receive a blowjob without warning, you become surproused.

2. "I got a boner whilst watching Scooby Doo - I was totally surproused."
by fir3insid3 April 27, 2011

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