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The feeling you get when you do something most excellent. Is usually accompanied by hairs sticking up, heavy breathing, and smiling like the kool aid man, simultaneously. One can signify this event at the moment through intensities that vary from jumping up and screaming "Wowzas!" or simply whispering to the nearest kind stranger.
John Locke- When Hurley wears a red dress he looks like the kool aid man.
Sawyer- Haha, John you totally made me experience a Surge of Excellence, now I must go crush some tree frogs in the palm of my hand.
John Locke- Go and do that, then.
Hurley - (Pops out from under a rock) Wow. I fucking hate you guys.
Jin- Hey Hurley.
Hurley- Jin you're here!
Jin- I sure am.
Hurley- Dude you can speak English.
Jin- No, you're speaking Korean.
Hurley- Dude. Shut up and take off your clothes.
by DoctorKnucklehead March 18, 2006
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