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The Surfside 7 describes the female population inhabiting the bar of the same name in Fort Collins, CO. Well known for its pizza, pervading urine smell and hideous girls, Surfside 7 is the bar of choice for angry lesbians, twiggy hipsters and aging punk rockers.

The Surfside 7 refers to the 1-10 attractiveness numbering system (where 1 = there-is-no-god ugliness and 10 = boner-inspiring perfect beauty), and can be summed up by the phrase, "Anywhere else she's a 4, but at Surfside, she's a 7."

The "7" can be replaced by other numbers as appropriate. For example, a decent looking girl (7 in daily life) would be a Surfside 10.
Patrick got too drunk and banged a Surfside 7.
by Bronan the Barbarian! December 22, 2010

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