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The action of suprising someone...
With Buttsecks.
To achieve the perfect "SB" one must carefully position themselves behind the victim, then scream suprise buttsecks.
Ted: Hey Bob I'll give you 5 bucks you suprise buttsecks Ed
Bob: K
by MDspyro February 16, 2007
When you come out of now where, trying to Rhino someone. Going as hard as you can, best if they are talking to a friend/girlfriend/boyfriend
Man 1: Yo, I got MW2 last night
Man 2: Sweet bro
Man 1: Yeah, I beat the snowmobile level
Man 2: Really man, sweet, I am up t......
Man 3 (Rhino Man 2): SUPRISE BUTTSECKS
by DoubleA Ace April 08, 2010
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