Supershadow is an obese forty-five year old virgin who likes to pretend he is the star wars god when he knows jack shit. He pretends he is great friends with George Lucas but in truth the man has no connection with Lucas. He deceives too many star wars fans to count and must be stopped.
Random Fag who actually asks questions on Supershadow's site:"Hey SS you said in episode 3 king flafarar ruler of the non-existoids would dominate the galaxy! Why did this not happen"

Supershadow: "Well, i was too busy masturbating to women that i claim to have sex with to have the time to force George Lucas (the man I insult and call a relic yet claim to be the best friend of) to add the epic and all mighty TRES-KEWL king flafarar into Episode 3
by Jabbawhojumps October 21, 2009
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