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The ability to have a better night sleep without sleeping more than usual.

This superpower gives you the ability to get a better night sleep without having to sleep any more. The process by which this superpower works is by replacing 80% of stage N2 sleep with slow-wave sleep and REM sleep (50% REM sleep, 50% slow-wave sleep). Enjoy! Good sleep has many great benefits. Have a better night sleep! Be well rested. Enjoy all the benefits of good sleep. Abusing this superpower by intentionally sleeping less than usual can have deadly consequences.
Person 1: I always feel tired during the day!
Person 2: Me too!
Superhuman: I give you two the ability to have a better night sleep!
-3 days later.-
Person 1: I feel great!
Person 2: Me too! Superhuman Sleep is awesome!
by IfOnlyItWereReal February 22, 2011
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