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Named after the band, a very happy-go-lucky person.
"I'm feeling quite Supergrassy today"
by Trimm October 21, 2003
8 44
a police informer who implicates many people
I think he's supergrass so watch what you say around him.
by Maurice Grant November 13, 2005
93 15
A very kickass Brit-rock band outta the UK. known not by many americans because they aren't played on MTV enough.
"Supergrass is a fine, fine concert to see. Indeed"
by Todd Everboat August 19, 2007
66 20
a snitch; a rat; an informant. lowest of the low.
n. ireland is infested with supergrass
by patiolanterns February 03, 2014
1 1
type of Cannabis
"Fancy getting some super grass later?"
by JoShUUUWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA September 09, 2008
1 3
one of the numerous names for Marijuana
Can I score some supergrass off you?
by techweenie1 May 15, 2007
7 38
A band that are talked about too much on the-vines.net
'are supergrass talked about too much on the-vines.net?'
by Prof Knowitall January 06, 2004
6 54