Named after the band, a very happy-go-lucky person.
"I'm feeling quite Supergrassy today"
by Trimm October 21, 2003
Top Definition
a police informer who implicates many people
I think he's supergrass so watch what you say around him.
by Maurice Grant November 13, 2005
A very kickass Brit-rock band outta the UK. known not by many americans because they aren't played on MTV enough.
"Supergrass is a fine, fine concert to see. Indeed"
by Todd Everboat August 19, 2007
a snitch; a rat; an informant. lowest of the low.
n. ireland is infested with supergrass
by patiolanterns February 03, 2014
type of Cannabis
"Fancy getting some super grass later?"
by JoShUUUWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA September 09, 2008
one of the numerous names for Marijuana
Can I score some supergrass off you?
by techweenie1 May 15, 2007
A band that are talked about too much on
'are supergrass talked about too much on'
by Prof Knowitall January 06, 2004
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