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This is the teacher that really does know everything about teaching, lives for teaching, is up on all the buzzwords, stays until 6:00 every night and lets everyone else at the school know it, and usually, but not always, has pretty average to low children herself (it is almost always a female). Most parents love Super Teachers, however, most teachers hate them. If you are a teacher and one of your students has a Super Teacher for a parent, you are screwed. The super teacher usually likes the Alpha Moms of the classroom.
That Super Teacher caught me again after school. I had to spend an hour listening to her tell me how my class should be run.
by Cool Teacher October 10, 2009
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A teacher who helps students for personal gain.
A student is on fire. Super teacher waits until school administration is near before he/she puts out the fire.
by Super Teacher January 20, 2007
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