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Taking five years or more of high school. during your 5th+ year you are a Super Senior. also known as being on the five year plan
John Smith failed again, looks like heas going to be a super senior!
by Nick January 03, 2004
A student who has to repeat his/her senior year of high school, one or more times
Verlin McIsaac did not receive enough credits to pass his senior year of high school therefore he will be known as a super senior
by C "BabyFace"T March 15, 2009
A person who has been attending high school for 5 or more years, like Jak Thompson
Why is he still here? Didn't he graduate last year?

Yes, he is a super senior. He gets to do it all over again
by insanepolarbear December 09, 2009
A Senior from the previous school year that should be a freshmen in college or sticking around the town in which their parents reside in. Usually hangs out with High Schoolers or has a High School girlfriend and hangs out her with everyday.
Me: "Damn is that Kyle? He graduated like three years... He went to Community College and dropped out."

Friend: "Yeah man he's such a Super Senior."
by chillinbrah August 21, 2011
Graduating high school, then after hanging out, acting as one, gossiping, can't tell a difference that you graduated already.
If you wouldn't know Sawduh, you would actually mistaken her as a senior and still in high school! She is the definition of a Super Senior.
by bigandhairy April 18, 2012
A person that refuses to believe the fact that he/she has graduated high school.
Pensacola State College Students - Super Senior
by gopirates! January 20, 2012
a person who already graduated high school but still either hangs out with high school students or shows up to local high school parties or events involved with high school students.
zack mason is a super senior
by o;r2m February 22, 2009
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