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An excellent sex move, it can be any kind of sex move which brings maximum pleasure.
"Dude i can't belive you did a super j!"
by Pimp_92 February 02, 2009
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a code name for a great lover. this phrase originated in southern california in the early 90s. it was first heard in riverside california at la sierra high school and has since spread all across the united states. the term also has been used as a blanket term to describe anything someone does that is above average. there is also a symbol that is associated with this term and has been seen all across the southern and western states from as far north as north carolina to northern california.
all the girls know him as superj.
that runner is superj, he is setting the record today.
what the hell is this emblem on everything, like a superman diamond with a J in it.
go ask superj, he can help you fix it.
by jason buseman January 20, 2006
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