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Super Perfundo
Super- Slang. very; extremely or excessively
Perfundo- Latin. To bathe, flood, Soak, or Imbue
Super perfundo
Originates from the movie, Waking Life.

Wiley: Yeah, man. Well, I gotta go man.
John: Ok, later man. Super perfundo on the early eve of your day.
Wiley: What's that mean?
John: Well you know, I've never figured it out. Maybe you can. This guy always whispers it in my ear. Lewis.....he's a reoccurring dream character.

Lewis really means that he wants John to be inspired, whether he is inspired by the day unfolding on it's own accord or he takes it upon himself to indulge in information that will inspire.
by Tom90914 October 14, 2007

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