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When you get high off shrooms, steal an ugly muthafuckas bitch & fuck her up her pipes.
Dude 1 " I can't believe that fat spikey bastard is touching up Tamika Peaches blud...shes like a princess in my eyes ''

Dude 2 " Ya know what fam, take some shrooms & go fuck up that fat bastard ''

Dude 1 " Yeah man I might just do that....''

*3 Hours later*

Dude 2 " So did ya buss that fat nigga up? ''

Dude 1 " Straight up fam, I super mario'ed dat hoe too ''

Dude 2 " No way! You fucked her up her batty!? ''

Dude 1 " Skeen blud ''

Dude 2 " Argh...gimme firms blud you a G now! ''

Yeah..Super Mario Dat Hoe!!!
by HiTop Fadez January 19, 2008

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