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Super Dew: a drink.
Mountain Dew + Vodka = Super Dew
Make me a Super Dew
by Caly February 16, 2004
Super Dew was first introduced to the populace by a now-defunct website of the late nineties. The site's authors posted photos documenting the proper method for obtaining Super Dew (usually from a Taco Bell they frequented).

The substance is what comes out of a fountain drink machine after its carbonated water tap has been disabled. A thick, syrupy, ultra-caloric sap, Super Dew is only consumable in small amounts.
Ryan has not had a bowel movement since he drank Super Dew five years ago.

Mary drank Super Dew, broke the land speed record, and ran through a brick wall.
by jedskim July 19, 2006

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